Meet Drew

BigDog Life is about the life and times of a kid named Drew- who does all kinds of cool stuff and wants to share them with you through videos and posts.

Drew has been playing baseball since he was barely 4 years old, and was given the nickname ‘BigDog’ when his love for hotdogs was more than his love of the game.  But times have changed, and he’s now a 10 year old travel baseball player who still loves hotdogs, but loves baseball even more.

Just below those loves come video games, Wiffle Ball, chocolate, Tech Deck’s, surfing, snorkeling, and being crazy.  He also loves helping train Jester, a search and rescue dog in the family, as well as the other 6 pets in the house.

He loves his family too, especially his ultra crazy little brother.  He misses his Uncle Austin who has been missing since he was 4, but he believes we’ll find one day.

It’s a crazy life, a fun life, it’s the BigDog Life.

Drew_bat Drew_mound  Drew_surf2Drew_surf

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